The use of solar energy is highly beneficial in numerous sectors in terms of being economical, eco-friendly and cost effective. Many industries are now deploying solar energy solutions to make use of the renewable energy, while reducing the consumption of electricity.

  • Bathing & laundry – Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels & Apartments.
  • Pre-feed to boilers for steam generation for various industrial applications.
  • Milk dairies – Pasteurization, Condensation & Cleaning.
  • Leather processing industry – Drying & Tanning.

Energy Savings

For every 100 liters of water heated from room temperature 25°C to 60°C, approximate equivalent energy savings per day are:

Electricity : 4.5 Units Rs 22.00
Gas : 0.50 kgs Rs.15.00
Diesel : 0.53 lts Rs. 30.00
Firewood : 3.1 kgs Rs. 9.00