Solar Hybrid UPS solution

Hi-Lite Solar hybrid UPS is unique solution where both Solar Power and Utility AC mains is utilized to charge the battery and support the load. Typically, Solar Power gets the priority to charge the battery and supply to the load.

This Solar Hybrid UPS solution is ranging from 800 VA to 10000 VA capacities depending on client load requirement and have extended battery backup. This Solar Hybrid UPS type of solution is very useful when reliable grid power is not available.

PV – Wind Hybrid System

Hi-Lite also offers PV-WIND HYBRID solution depending on customer requirement and wind profile of the location where it is feasible. This type of solution can be installed as a capacitive generating unit in an educational Institute and can also be implemented as a centralized power system in remote community / Island / Resort where good wind speed profile is available.

Hi-Lite Hybrid Inverter system is intelligent enough to start backup Generator when RE Source is not available and battery storage is not enough to support the load.

This system also has features for remote monitoring option to monitor the health of the system using GPRS / GSM network.